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What is Live Life Limitless?

Live Life Limitless is a movement to change the world by empowering all people to make the positive choice to put mental health number one. 

Based in six mantras, Live Life Limitless was created as a result of my journey to recovery through anxiety, depression and PTSD, culminating in becoming a competitive fitness bodybuilding athlete at the age of 42. I use my experiences and passion for health and mental health to build a content platform that not only inspires but creates honest and transparent discussion on mental health.

Live Life Limitless is my dream to envision a new way for people to deliver change that is driven ‘in the zone’ of love, compassion, gratitude and non-judgement. This starts with self; and becomes authentic alignment. 

This is an era of individuality. Diversity is the mechanism for innovation and change driven by human connection and emotional engagement. 

Central to Live Life Limitless is ownership of our values, our story and our passion to let our limitless selves shine. I will build connection with you to overcome limiting beliefs and face mental health barriers using a mindset transformation process that focuses on individuality and reframing.

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About Heather

Heather Gibson (Madden) is the Founder of Live Life Limitless, a global movement to empower people to: Choose positive, Make the Choices. Mental health is number one.







Her mission is to inspire people and bring positive change in the world, for the best that is yet to come.

Join the movement. Live Life Limitless. Mental health is number one.